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Beta Bridges BRANDING

It’s our second SBU or Business Division, and it’s a world of full service Brands & Marketing Communications services (BMC). Our clients belong to various services & manufacturing within the middle class, who get more value dealing with a one-stop shop for their creative branding, PR/media, advertising, events/experiential and research briefs with a special approach of case by case, client by client approach. Our BMC offerings are broken down thus:


We create & nurture strong affinity between your business and her markets / audience  

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Branding is beyond just name, term, design, symbol, your brand is supposed to be a distinguishing feature for your organization or product from rivals. Its like the foundation, you can only do it well with the professionals


We create overarching Big Ideas, executed in inspirational creatives to capture the interest of your audience/ market

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These are then used in Above-the-lines (TV, radio, press, outdoor) & Below-the-lines (flier, brochure, etc) campaigns to prompt emotional responses & actions- eg sales, perception, acceptance or/and other behavior


Retain with us, your PR & publicist for your everything media, including digital (social) media  

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We then help you control communication with aim of creating & maintaining a positive image & strong relationship with your audience


Lets get the brief to take your brand on one-on-one connection with your market

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We device creative means on the road, with an event and other such traditional or digital ways to make your audience interact & experience your brand directly for sales & non sales related results


Dig & find what the market wants, in order to serve them the best

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We implement various data & qualitative intelligence projects to understand the underlining insights of the market about your product/brand, in order to guide us all the way