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Beta Bridges Ltd is a registered professional company with flagship in GPS tracking telematics and technologies as approved by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC). We are also a licensed speed limiter company, as approved by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) & the National Automotive Design & Development Council (NADDC).

In addition, we are a company with full-fledged marketing consulting, communication and distribution services that bridges market, products and brands intelligently for discerning clients. Simply put- we help to build brands, to make your products and business very sellable.

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Beta Bridges is authorized to handle sales, installations, technical support, services, repairs, training on gps tracking & other technologies solutions to vehicles and other moveable and non-moveable assets in Nigeria, on behalf of credible solution and manufacturers spread in America, South Africa, Asia and Europe.

Our Strategy

Be a Benchmark for Excellence in the Tracking Solutions and Marketing Communications industry.

Provide discerning clients with simple+better solutions to their assets tracking and marketing situations

Nurture a company that is a reference point for professional business and operational practice, while delivering optimal stakeholders’ confidence at all times

  • Excellence:-

          is our way of life, to not stop until we better our last best

  • Professionalism:-

          Our attitude, service & skills to surpass industry standards

  • Results:

         We believe, and act only in the direction of positive impact